Lok Pa Komhouk1

Starring Mam Jintara Sukapat, Santisuk Promsiri, Joy Sirilak, and Penpeth Penkul
Posted by: Wayha

Series has 26E episodes
September 4, 2016

Last updated on March 12, 2018



  • Pitchy

    Can u please upload this lakorn https://youtu.be/KwTfbf1Xh_o, Wayha? Please please upload the old version of “Look Mai Klai Ton” staring by Andrew&Kob!!! Thank u in advance, Wayha!!!!

  • Khanchamnan

    Wayhaa, do u have this drama? https://youtu.be/SvnAdwzFqK8, if u have please upload. Thz

  • Shen Liuxing

    I’ve been looking for this drama for a long time! Is it possible for the to download this drama? or maybe could u send it to me please?

  • Lea

    Hi Wayha,

    Do you by any chance have this drama https://www.sharerice.com/index.php/Angkor in khmer dubbed? Can you please upload it if you do have it.

    I really want to watch it.


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